Accelerating the Worldwide
Mass Roll-Out of E-Buses

Air and noise pollution are among the most pressing problems in today’s cities. The TUMI E-Bus Mission contributes significantly to the goal of creating sustainable and inclusive urban transport systems with strongly reduced CO2-emissions. The TUMI E-Bus Mission supports cities in their transition towards electric bus deployment. We work closely with 20 deep-dive cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America (LATAM). National and regional core groups work to upscale our efforts in a network which will include over 100 cities spread across the globe by 2022. By 2025, the TUMI E-Bus Mission will inspire and equip cities to procure more than 100,000 e-buses, resulting in a reduction of more than 15 megatons of CO2 emissions. The increased demand for e-buses worldwide will accelerate the technology maturation and mass roll-out of e-bus fleets.
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E-Bus Monitoring